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Radiata Pine

Softwood Hardwood
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Radiata Pine
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Color : Heartwood is reddish-brown varying to shades of yellow. Sapwood is usually pale yellow to white.
Grain : Generally straight. An often pronounced difference in colour between earlywood and latewood results in a very distinctive figure when back sawn. 


Engineering : Preservative impregnated poles for pole frame construction, transmission poles and land poles.
Construction : General purpose softwood used as dressed, seasoned timber in general house framing, flooring, lining, joinery, mouldings, and laminated beams. Preservative impregnated in sawn or round form in fencing, pergolas, landscaping, retaining walls, playground equipment. Also used in the manufacture of Scrimber.
Decorative : Furniture, outdoor furnishings (preservative impregnated), plywood, joinery, turnery, carving.
Others : Structural plywood, scaffold planks, wood wool, paper products, particleboard, and medium density fibreboard.